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      MASSIVE thank you to all who attended Brands Hatch this weekend. To all the drivers, their crews and helpers, THANK YOU for your support. Great buzz about the place and great racing. THANK YOU for supporting the CHAMPIONSHIP

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      Q&A with......

      Throughout the season, we will be bring you Q&A from drivers in the Championship, giving you an insight to their race experiences.

      This month's Q&As comes from Kevin Denwood, Class CC driver 

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      The 2016 BMW Championship Is The Only Championship In The UK, Solely For All Types Models Of The BMW Range.

      All Classes Are Power To Weight, Governed By Our Own Powerloggers Unique To The UK.


      The Classes For 2016 Are:

      Class A1 – 240 Bhp - Using Kumho K80 Slicks And Kumho Wets 17” & 18”

      Class A2 – 240 Bhp - Using Kumho K91 Treaded Tyres And Kumho Wets 17” & 18”

      Class B – 210 Bhp - Maximum 3.0L Capacity Engines - Using Kumho K91 Treaded Tyres And Kumho Wets 17” & 18”

      Class C – 185 Bhp  - Maximum 2.9L Using 17” K91 Treaded Tyres

      Introducing E46 330 (2999cc), 328i, 325i

      Class CC  - E46 Compacts Under Compact Cup Rules, 17” Kumho E46 Compact Cup Rules

      Class D 318i – E30 & E36 318 Running 15” Kumho K91 Treaded

      All Classes Can Win The Outright Title



                              Rounds 13 & 14 - Snetterton 300

      Lap Records for Snetterton 300

      2.99 miles

      A1 Colin Wells BMW M3 E46 10/05/15 2.03.12 86.80 mph (slicks)
      A2 Garrie Whittaker BMW M3 E36 17/04/11 2.06.38 84.57 mph (Treaded)
      B Ian Crisp BMW M3 E36 10/05/15 2.12.03 80.94 mph
      C Alan Thompson BMW E36 328i 10/05/15 2.16.03 78.57 mph
      CC To Be set BMW E46 Compact      mph
      318 James Ford BMW 318is 10/05/15 2.19.43 76.65 mph


      Class A1 & A2


       08.50 am

      Qualifying Saturday  

       10.15 am - 10.35 am  

      Race 1 Saturday

       approx. 14.30 pm

      Race 2 Sunday

       approx. 10.40 pm


      Class B,C, CC & D


       08.50 am  

      Qualifying Saturday  

       10.15 am - 10.35 am  

      Race 1 Saturday

       approx. 14.30 pm

      Race 2 Sunday

       approx. 10.40 pm




      Weather For Snetterton







      Well, we have now recovered from a fantastic & very successful Autosport show. Thank you to everyone who came to say Hi....great to see you all. 


      We would like to thank


      Ian Hill, Domenic Surdi, Russell Dack & Darrel Bristow for the use of their race cars on the stand,


      Derek Binsted, the Club official photographer, for letting us use his pictures on our stand


      James & Lynda Ford for manning the Stand with Trevor, Carl, Paul, Nicki & Maddie.


      And of course our sponsors, KumhoTyre, Supagard & Hill Motors


      We couldn't do it without you all.


      Thank you all once again 👍👏👌

      Awards Dinner 5th March 2016 Celebrating 2015 Season 


      Thank you to all who attended last Saturday's Awards Dinner celebrating the 2015 race season.

      A great time was had by all and thank you for raising £400.00 for the McMillian Nurses and congratulation to Russell Dack for winning the auction Tyres for £720.00 which will be for the BMWRDC Safety Fund

      Congratulations to our winners who picked up trophies

      Overall Champion & Class D Champion – Greg Marking

      Class A Champion – James Card

      2nd & 3rd in Class A - Colin Wells & James MacIntyre-Ure

      Class B Champion – Dom Surdi

      2nd & 3rd in Class B – Nigel Williams & Doug Simmens

      Class C Champion – Alan Thompson

      2nd & 3rd in Class C – Paul Travers & Russell Dack

      Class D Champion – Greg Marking

      2nd & 3rd in Class D - James Ford & Steve Samways


      Drivers of the Day

      Rockingham                                          -                                   Richard Marsh

      Rockingham 2nd round                            -                                   James Card

      Croft 1st round                                       -                                   Alan Thompson

      Croft 2nd round                                       -                                   James Ford

      Snetterton                                             -                                   Colin Wells

      Snetterton 2nd round                               -                                   Russell Dack

      Thruxton                                               -                                   Scott Noye

      Thruxton 2nd round                                 -                                   Greg Marking

      Donington Park                                      -                                   Jim Cannon

      Donington 2nd round                               -                                   Dave Heasman

      Brands Hatch                                         -                                   Roger Lavender

      Brands Hatch 2nd round                           -                                   James MacIntyre-Ure

      Silverstone                                            -                                   Paul Travers

      Silverstone 2nd round                              -                                   Nigel Williams

      Pembrey                                                -                                   Roland Jones

      Pembrey 2nd round                                  -                                   Domenic Surdi


      2015 BMWRDC Mechanical Trophy - Russell Dack

      2015 BMWRDC Most Entertaining Driver - James Ford

         2015 BMWRDC Rookie of the Season - Steve Samways

                   2015 BMWRDC Driver of the Season - James Card

      Linda McVicker Trophy - Neil McDonald

      Mark Williams Memorial Trophy - Nigel Williams

      Geoff Cook Memorial Trophy - Gareth Montgomery

      Team Trophy - Dack's Boys

      Scrutineer's Trophy - Ray Ford


      Good luck to all our drivers for the coming season and see you at next year’s Awards Dinner