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      Autosport 2017


      Another successful Autosport show finished.... Thank you all who came to visit us, lovely to see you all & chat. 

      Massive thank to the following people who helped as we couldn't of done it without you

      Ian Hill / Hills Motors 
      supplying his car for the stand & also being one of our main sponsors 

      Kumho Tyre UK​ - Our Title sponsor 

      Gareth Montgomery - also supplying his car for the stand & helping set up 

      Rick Kerry - for letting us use his car for the stand 

      Jason Holyhead - bringing Rick's car & again helping set up

      Jeff Nixon - Our Chief scrutineer helping man the stand & helping with the questions from drivers

      James & Lynda Ford - helping man the stand & taking it down after

      Paul, Nicki & Maddie Hammerton - helping man the stand especially Maddie giving out handouts, keeping the stand clean  & polishing the cars

      Carl Ford - setting up & take down of the stand & manning it for 4 days

      It wouldn't of be a success if it wasn't for you. 

      With the registrations received our 30th season looks to be very exciting & I can't wait 

      Thank you all again

      Club President


      Rounds 5 & 6 - Snetterton 300 - 6th & 7th May 2017



      Class A1 & A2



      Practice  TBA

      Qualifying Saturday


      Race 1 Sunday

      approx. TBA 

      Race 2  Sunday

      approx. TBA


      Class B,C, CC & D



      Practice  TBA

      Qualifying Saturday 


      Race 1 Sunday

      approx. TBA

      Race 2  Sunday

      approx. TBA 


      Lap Records


      A1 Colin Wells BMW M3 E46 10/05/15 2.03.12 86.80 mph (slicks)
      A2 Garrie Whittaker BMW M3 E36 17/04/11 2.06.38 84.57 mph (Treaded)
      B Robert Davidson BMW M3 E36 11/09/16 2.10.42 81.94 mph
      C Paul Travers BMW E36 328i 11/09/16 2.13.24 80.21 mph
      CC Russell Dack BMW E46 Compact 11/09/16 2.16.58 76.57 mph
      318 James Ford BMW 318is 10/05/15 2.19.43 76.65 mph



      Final Details 



      Awards Night Special

      We are pleased to announce that we have negotiated a discount at MK Racewear. 

      VAT FREE for this month,  10 % off list price from April on wards.

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      Rsv Graphics & Display Cabinets UK


      The BMW Racing Drivers Club are pleased to announce that Rsv Graphics & Display Cabinets UK will be sponsoring the 'Driver of the Day' awards for 2017

      Many thanks for your support & welcome to the Championship 

      Why not follow them on the following links


      http://www.facebook.com/displaycabinetsuk http://www.twitter.com/cabinetsuk



      https://www.facebook.com/rsvgraphics/ https://www.instagram.com/rsvgraphics/




      We are pleased to let you know that Kraftwerk Tools UK will be partnering the BMW Kumho Championship for 2017 as a Technical Partnership. We have negotiated a substantial discount for our drivers and followers. Click on Kraftwerk Racing link www.kraftwerkracing.co.uk for registration to ensure you keep up-to-date and enter competitions.

      Welcome on board 

      Q&A with......

      Throughout the season, we will be bring you Q&A from drivers in the Championship, giving you an insight to their race experiences.

      This month's Q&As comes from James Card, Class A1 driver 

      Click here to view the Q&A PDF 







      Awards Dinner 4th March 2017 Celebrating 2016 Season 

      Thank you to all who attended Awards Dinner celebrating the 2016 race season.

      A great time was had by all and thank you for raising £725.00 for the McMillian Nurses and congratulation to Darren Morgan-Owen for winning the auction Tyres for £1,000.00 which will be for the BMWRDC Safety Fund

      Congratulations to our winners who picked up trophies

      Overall Champion & Class CC Champion – Russell Dack

      Class A Champion – James Card

      2nd & 3rd in Class A - James MacIntyre-Ure & Daniel Wylie

      Class B Champion – Oliver Taylor

      2nd & 3rd in Class B – John Bradburn & Chris Cheverall

      Class C Champion – Paul Travers

      2nd & 3rd in Class C – Brian Anderson & Gareth Montgomery

      Class CC Champion – Russell Dack

      2nd & 3rd in Class C – Kevin Denwood & Stephane Jansem

      Class D Champion – James Ford

      2nd & 3rd in Class D - Max Walton & Giuseppe Callari

      Drivers of the Day

      Silverstone GP race 1 - Oliver Taylor

      Silverstone GP race 2 - Daniel Wylie

      Rockingham race 1 - James Card

      Rockingham race 2 - Robert Davidson

      Castle Combe race 1 - James Cannon jr

      Castle Combe race 2 - Max Walton

      Thruxton race 1 - James MacIntyre-Ure

      Thruxton race 2 - Russell Dack

      Donington race 1 - Kevin Denwood

      Donington race 2 - Roger Lavender

      Brands Hatch race 1 - James Ford

      Bands Hatch race 2 - Brian Anderson

      Snetterton 300 race 1 - John Bradburn

      Snetterton 300 race 2 - Chris Cheverall

      Silverstone Inter. race 1 - Darren Morgan-Owen

      Silverstone Inter. Race 2 - Stephan Jansem






      2016 BMWRDC Mechanical Trophy - Giuseppe Callari

      2016 BMWRDC Most Entertaining Driver - Kevin Denwood

         2016 BMWRDC Rookie of the Season - Max Walton

                   2016 BMWRDC Driver of the Season - James MacIntyre-Ure

      Linda McVicker Trophy - Geoff Nixon

      Mark Williams Memorial Trophy - John Bradburn

      Geoff Cook Memorial Trophy - Darren Morgan-Owen

      Team Trophy - West Suffolk Racing

      Scrutineer's Trophy - ????