• Round 7 & 8

      Rounds 7 & 8 Oulton Park

      Qualifying saw 25 trying to claim pole in each of their classes.

      A1 saw an impressive Wells taking pole by 1 second from Reid, with Whittaker, Wells, Darren Fielding, & Card Close behind. A mistake from Evans saw his race weekend finish early with 2 wheels coming off his car after hitting the barrier. Lucky Khera & Lee Frost were unable to join us as they were racing in their Ginetta’s at Croft.

      A2 was fought between Donington Park winner, Cannon, the returning Jason West and Matt Fielding, with West taking pole from Fielding.

      A3 was taken by Darren Morgan-Owen

      B2 was won by Ben McClelland but unfortunately he didn’t race as he slipped on Ford’s oil which took him into the barrier.

      CC was claimed by 2016 Champion Russell Dack, from Denwood and Woody.

      D Class was claimed by Callari but he was being chased by returning Harper

      Weather is hot, so will be the racing…

      Round 7 

      Superb racing throughout the Classes with no contact. Unfortunately we lost 3 cars from qualifying. Matty Evans losing 2 wheels & Ben McClelland making contact with tyres after coming off on Trevor Ford’s oil.


      Great start from pole man Reid, with Darren Fielding, Whittaker close behind. Wells & Card following close. Reid was left to pull out a lead as Fielding and Whittaker battled for second position. On lap 5 Whittaker had pasted Darren Fielding and was on a mission to catch Reid. Whilst Whittaker closed down on Reid, Fielding had his mirror full of Colin Wells car. Wells made a moved on Fielding and got into 3rd place. Whittaker had caught up with Reid and a balls out move on Reid from Whittaker saw him take first place.


      Round 7 started with the West, Cannon, Thresh and Matt Fielding chasing down to the first corner. West got himself an awesome pace and started to pull away from Cannon, Thresh and Fielding as Thresh and Fielding battled for 3rd in class. This left Cannon to pull away whilst Thresh tried to hold off Fielding. Thresh made a mistake for Fielding to pass him and take 3rd position. On lap 5 West’s driveshaft went and left Cannon to pick up the pieces to claim 1st place, but with a Driver of the day drive from Bal Sidhu, claimed a 2nd place pushing Fielding down to 3rd.


      Darren Morgan-Owen, in his newly painted race car, had a great race chasing invitation man Pearson throughout the race, with Darren pipping Pearson.


      Nigel Williams took his 1st Class win over Montgomery coming 2nd. Ford unfortunately missed the race as still trying to fix his car.


      Russell Dack had a great start with Denwood struggling with lack of power. Denwood dropped down to 4th with Woody chasing hard to catch Dack, but just ran out of time to catch his team mate. Great drive by Mason, saw him in 3rd.


      Callari again controlled his race and had fun playing with some of the Class CC cars. Callari started to slow at the end, with head gasket issues

      Round 8

      After a fantastic Round 7 it was onto Round 8 later Saturday afternoon with the track temperature higher & sun beating down.

      21 cars started race 2. Unfortunately we lost Karl Cattliff due to mechanical problems but gain Trevor Ford after fixing his car for the second race.


      False start by Colin Wells and Darren Fielding saw them both awarded with a 10 second penalty. Whittaker shot off from the start with Reid and Card right behind him, with Wells and Fielding bring up the rear of A1. Whittaker increased his gap over the other A1s with Wells chasing Card, even with the 10 second penalty it would be touch & go if Wells could get on the podium. Reid fell back to 5th with Wells taking 2nd place off Card for 3rd.


      With West having to start at the back of the grid, after replacing his driveshaft with Matty Evans’s, West would have to drive all out to catch up with Cannon & Matt Fielding. By the first lap, West had a great start to catch up with Cannon & Fielding. West managed to past Fielding, then it was onto catching Cannon. Great race between them with West passing Cannon to take 1st in Class, 2nd Cannon & 3rd Matt Fielding.


      Darren Morgan-Owen took his 2nd win of the weekend after a great scrap with Des Thresh and invitation Stephen Pearson.


      Montgomery took 1st in class after a great race with Williams who came 2nd. Ford blew his engine up on the second to last lap.


      Dack took his 2nd win of the weekend. Denwood’s car was back on form but he just couldn’t keep up with Dack and his pace. Wood came 3rd with Mason 4th.


      Lenny Harper took his first win of the season. Unfortunately Callari suffered a head gasket issue so didn’t race.

      Only a couple of weeks till Thruxton & we can’t wait. Racing with the British Trucks. Pop down and see us.

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      Words Nicki Ford-Hammerton  - Pictures Claire Callari Absolute Cc Photography