• Round 5 & 6 Donington Park


      Overcast Qualifying with 25 cars on the Grand Prix circuit for the first time in years

      A1 saw an impressive Wells taking pole by 0.172 second from Whittaker & Card close behind. Issues with Fielding’s car when his splitter went through his radiator so now he’s on his way back home to get a new one. Reid has a power steering issues which is hopefully now fixed.

      Crisp took A2 pole in his 1 Series, by a second over the returning Matt Fielding, Bal, Jas & Cannon

      Darren Morgan-Owen has pole A3 mixing it with the A2 Guys

      B2 pole went to Miller, from Ford & Williams with Ford having a moment when his throttle stuck open. 

      CC was claimed by 2016 Champion Russell Dack, from Denwood, Woody & McGuire

      D Class was claimed by Callari but he was being chased by Neal 

      Weather is looking like it could be dry, very muggy but dry

      Can’t wait to see Round 5 with the front runners only 0.613 between them

      Round 5

      So Round 5 started with sun beating down on the circuit.

      Redgate saw 25 cars racing through without any incident


      Great start from Whittaker, Card, Reid & Darren Fielding but poor start from Wells. Whittaker's lead increased as Card & Reid battled for 2nd place, with Darren Fielding chasing the pack. By lap 6 we had a new leader, Card and managed to get passed Whittaker in a smooth move. Wells was still in 5th place. Whittaker got overtaken by Reid and with a spin by Darren Fielding, Wells was up to 4th. Lap 11 we saw Wells managed to get passed Whittaker for 3rd as Whittaker had car issues.


      Another great start by Crisp with Matt Fielding right on his tail, but by lap 2 Jas, Cannon had past him. Crisp increased his lead as Jas, Cannon battled for 2nd place in Class. Jas started to have car issues which meant Cannon, Matt Fielding, Bal passing him as Jas had to retire. Then Cannon started to chase down Crisp but just didn't have enough time left. Matt Fielding did manage to get pass Bal but Matt Fielding also received a 5 second penalty due to breaking track limits


      Solid race from Morgan-Owen mixing with A2 cars


      Great start from Miller but by lap 2 Miller was down to 4th with fuel issues. Ford was leading followed by Williams, Mongomery and Miller. Mongomery got passed Ford & Williams and pulled out a great lead. Places swaped between Ford, Williams and Miller with Miller finishing 2nd and Ford with a 3rd.


      Dack lead the race with Denwood chasing him down, but just couldn't get close enough. Woody had solid race finishing 3rd with McGuire, spining and having car issues with a leaking oil filter housing which he hopes to have repaired for tomorrows race. 


      Callari again had a solid race, mixing it with the other classes. Neal also had a solid race with more experiance gained. 

      Great racing throughout the round and looking forward to some more super racing in Round 6 later today 

      Round 6 

      Wow…… it was hot for Round 6 and that wasn’t just the sun shining on us ☀️


      Great start from Reid, Card & Darren Fielding with Wells stalling it on the grid, after the Race Started held them on the grid for some time. Reid's lead increased over the Card & Darren Fielding as they battled for 2nd place, with Evans & Whittaker chasing hard. By lap 3 Whittaker was up to 3rd place after moves on Darren Fielding and Evans. Wells is out after contact with Khera at the Melbourne Loop. Great move on Card from Whittaker see him take 2nd position, which meant Card was in sight of Darren Fielding.  Great close racing between Card and Fielding for 3rd position with Card pipping Fielding for 3rd place. Reid finished on the top, 3 seconds over the chasing Whittaker.


      An awesome start from Cannon placing him in 5th position at the first corner, closely behind him was the Class point’s leader Crisp and Matt Fielding. Cannon was keeping Crisp at bay when Crisp had break failure up at McLean’s, slamming him into the wall. Crisp got out OK, but the beautiful looking 1 series BMW not so good. This left Cannon to stretch his lead over end place man Matt Fielding with Jas coming in a solid 3rd place, with Bal finishing 4th after he also stalled on the grid at the start.


      Morgan-Owen pick up A3 spot but it wasn’t an incident free race as he & the race winner Reid collided, lucky both cars finished.


      A flying start from Miller with Montgomery on his tail, with Williams and Ford following. Miller raced hard keeping Montgomery at bay considering the Miller couldn’t get any gears in the Assembly area prior to the race starting. Miller managed to get a CC car in between him and Montgomery to give him some breathing space. But Miller started to have car issues which meant Montgomery to close up to him but just couldn’t get passed. Ford managed to get passed Williams to take his second 3rd place of the weekend. Miller got Driver of the day for the round


      Another win for Dack with Denwood trying to get within touching distance of his team mate. Woody came a solid 3rd place and 4th place for McGuire after fixing his Oil issues.


      Callari finished the weekend with another win after having some great tussles with McGuire. Neal finished his 6th race with another solid race.

      With 18 days till our next rounds at Oulton Park, hopefully we will see some more awesome racing from the Championship.

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