• What a great weekend racing at Rockingham!

    The weather was good to us staying dry, but we did have the garages which was great once again.


    Round 3

    Class A1

    Great racing from the go, in race 1 on Saturday.

    Card had a terrible start going from 1st to 5th. This let West, MacIntyre, Cannon get passed Card. Card caught up & passed Cannon & MacIntyre. Head down Card was catching West, when the Red Flag came out, following an off from Frost at Pif Paf. The race was re-started, with West & Card continuing their battle until West’s suspension broke leaving Card to win the race. MacIntyre also had suspension failure and finished 4th. Cannon had a drive through penalty leaving Lavender & Wylie to finish 2nd & 3rd. Good day at the office for Card who finished off with a lap record & Driver of the day ....


    B, C, CC, D & Inv

    Again great racing from the go, with Ollie Taylor on pole, with 2015 Class B Champion, Domenic Surdi, beside him. It was getting dark and couple of spits of rain was in the air. The race underway, with O.Taylor & Surdi getting good starts, & Davidson right on their tails. O.Taylor started to get in his rhythm, & pulled out a slight lead. Further down the pack, Dack (CC) Ford (D) had a good little battle with Dack using the power of his 2.5 to pull a slight lead on Ford. Callari (D) & Walton (D) having a good tussle but Callari got the better of Walton. Class CC drivers Bristow & Wood were fighting for 3rd but collided leaving them both out of the race. Alana Taylor (Inv) drove a good solid race in her 3rd race with the BMWs.  Lap records for Surdi (B) Dack (CC) & Ford (D)


    Round 4

    Class A1

    Lovely midmorning start for Race 2 of A1 on Sunday. Card was on pole from his win the previous day, with Lavender beside him. Lavender got a terrific start but had Card on the inside of him & Macintyre on the outside. 3 a breast going into turn 1 with MacIntyre & Lavender just pipping Card into Deene. Cannon had made a fantastic start from 8th on the grid to 4th & catching Card to take 3rd. Cannon was on a charge & overtook Lavender for 2nd place. Card started reeling in Lavender to take 3rd place, which then left Lavender trying to keep Wylie at bay. Whilst Lavender & Wylie battled for 4th, Card caught up with Cannon, to take his 2nd place off him. Card was giving chase to catch MacIntyre but a red flag stopped the race, due to Lavender's car being in a dangerous position after spinning. 


    B, C, CC, D & Inv

    The sun was still shining for Race 2 for our Class B, C, CC, D & Invitation round. Ollie Taylor was on pole again with Surdi next door. We were missing Darren Morgen-Owen as he had issues with his engine. O.Taylor got bogged down at the start with Surdi & Davidson from the 2nd row, taking advantage. So it was Surdi leading Davidson with O.Taylor hot on their heels. O.Taylor managed to get passed Davidson & was ready to get 1st place from Surdi. Surdi car seemed to be slowing as O.Taylor & Davidson got passed Surdi. Surdi then pulled off with engine failure, leaving O.Taylor to win Round 4, with Davidson 2nd & Griffin taking 3rd. Davidson was crowned Driver of the day

    Further down the field saw Class C driver Miller struggling with oil leaking but managed to finish the race. Class CC was being led by Dack but not too far behind was Denwood giving chase.  In between them was Ford (D) keeping up his winning weekend. Great race between Samway & Dimic in class D with Samways holding on to 5th in Class. Alana Taylor took another solid win in invitation class.


    Wordings & Pictures – Nicki Ford-Hammerton