•                                           Thruxton 13-14 June combined race

    Due to some technical issues the meeting was running behind schedule so the organiser BARC decided to put the class A cars in with the class B-C-D cars and combine the grid. The large grid came out for the 20 minute race and it was organised with qualifying times setting the grid and not just the faster class A cars at the front. The sun was now shining and the track nice and dry so a good race was in prospect. The cars set off on there green flag warming up lap with all the class A cars running on slicks this race would be interesting being the 1st time this season all classes have raced together.

    The cars all gridded up and the race was ready to start when the lights went out and a good start was made and all cars made it safely through the 1st corner of the circuit. By the time the cars made it around the 1st lap of the race things were already looking good for Wells who was in the lead of the race ahead of Card & Fielding. West was leading the invitation class with Crisp & Heasman behind him. Marking & Ford were already having there normal duel in class D.The only car not to make it through the 1st lap was Timberlake in class A. The race settled down with lots of good overtaking and some good tight close battles all the way through the race order. Out in front it was Wells Pulling away from the pack. Noye was having a titanic struggle with Travers but the racing was clean and fair.The class A cars were on virtually the same pace as for qualifying but with a nice dry track the other classes were faster than there qualifying session. Going through the final corner on lap 5 Gilbert spun on some oil on the track and his car finished up against the barrier and Montgomery was right behind him and also went slightly sideways but continued. Gilberts car was left in situ as the leaders of the race all went past and the safety car was deployed due to this stricken car but unfortunately the safety car never picked up the race leader which caused some confusion for the leaders when they got behind the pack of cars.

    Suddenly the red flags went out and the race was ended after nearly 17 minutes of racing and the reason for the race stoppage was a huge spin by championship leader Crisp who had a suspension failure and hit the offside back of his car very badly which resulted him not only not finishing this race but may put him out for many races as the car was very badly damaged.

    With the red flag stopping the race it was an over all win and class A win for Wells ahead of Card & Fielding.Lavender & Hibbert took the next places making it a clean sweep for the class A cars to finish.West took 6th overall and won the invitation class with Willis 10th and Bennett 16th in this class. Finishing 7th overall was Heasman who took the class C honours ahead of Travers 9th & Thompson in this class.Noye finished 8th overall making him the class winner with Simmen 14th & Williams 19th the only other cars to finish in this class.The class D race win went to Marking 12th just ahead of Ford with Samways in 17th taking the final place in this class.Only 3 cars did not finish the race.

    Fastest laps for Wells class A (1:22.236),West in the invitation class(1:25.686),Noye class B(1:26,978),Heasman class C (1:27.656) & Ford class D (1:30.825).This was a new lap record for Wells as he was running on slicks but was slower than the current lap record held by Whittaker.Also new laps records for Heasman & Ford.


    Wells overall race winner

     West winner of invitation class


    Heasman winner class C

    Noye winner class B

    Marking winner class D

    Marking winner class D