• Snetterton 10-11 May Classes B-C-D


    Snetterton 300 throws up some suprises


    Classes B-C-D-I took to a damp Snetterton track for there 20 minute qualifying session 300.The cars on track were 5 class B,5 class C,3 class D and 1 invitational car.The session was ended after only a few minutes due to David Griffin (E36 M3) having an off and taking no further proceedings in either qualifying or the race weekend. When the cars came back out on track to carry on the session it was now raining as well making the track even wetter. When the qualifying ended it was Paul Travers ( 328i coupe) taking pole position in his class C car ahead of top placed class B driver Robert Salisbury (M3).Dave Heasman (328i saloon) class C was 3rd ahead of Stuart Laws (E36 M3) in class B.Stephen Pearson (M3) took the invitational fastest driver. In class D it was Greg Marking (318is) just ahead of James Ford (318ti).Travers time of 2:41.229 was an average speed of 66.29 MPH for the 2.96 mile circuit.There was no Mathew Fielding who had won all the races this season.

    When the cars came out on track for there 1st race of the weekend later in the day it had stopped raining and the track was now dry.The race started and the pole sitter Travers who had set his time in the wet was quickly overtaken by the faster cars next to him on the grid and it was Robert Lavender (E36 M3) with Salisbury and Pearson taking up the running at the head of the field.Travers was having a dice with Heasman in class c with Marking & Ford having a tussle in class D.The race settled down and eventually it was Pearson in the invitational class that took the lead being chased by Lavender & Salisbury.The 20 minute race took the chequered flag after 9 laps of the circuit and it was a race win for Pearson.Lavender took the class B honours ahead of Salisbury with Heasman just getting the better of Travers in class C.Marking took the class D win ahead of Ford.Fastest race laps for Lavender class B,Travers class C,Marking class D and Pearson invitational class.The times for Lavender 2:12.639 and Travers 2:16.375 were also new lap records.

    Sunday morning saw the cars go back out on track for there 2nd race of the weekend and it was now once again raining adding to the standing water already on the track.With headlights on the race got underway and all the cars made it safely through the 1st corner of the circuit.The conditions were now getting very poor and visibility was also poor but the drivers put on a good display and with careful sensible driving the racing was of the highest order.Heasman was leading the race ahead of the chasing pack of Salisbury,Pearson and Travers.Ford was getting the better of Marking in the class D race.Such were the conditions the race only lasted for 7 laps and it was Heasman taking his first outright win of the season and also the class C honours.Salisbury took 2nd place and class B honours.Travers had come home in 3rd overall and 2nd in class C.Laws took 2nd in class B with his 5th place finish. Ford was 6th overall to take the class D win with Marking 9th & 2nd in class D.Pearson took the invitational class win after finishing 4th overall.

    Fastest race lap for Salisbury class B,Heasman class C,Ford class d and Pearson in the invitational class.

    Leading the points table for the 2014 championship it is Salisbury with 84 points ahead of Adrian Gilbert on 64 points in class B.In class C it is Heasman leading the way with 62 ahead of Travers with 52 points.Ford is leading class D with 15 points ahead of Marking on 14 points.There have been 19 drivers who have scored championship points so far in the 2014 campaign in classes B-C-&D.

    Race 1 winner Stephen Pearson

    Race 1  winner class B Roger Lavender

    Race 1 winner class C Dave Heasman

    Race 1 winner class D Greg Marking

    Race 2 winner Dave Heasman

    Race 2 winner class B Robert Salisbury

    Race 2 winner class D James Ford

    Race 2 winner invitational class Spehen Pearson