• Donington Park 22-23 March Classes B-C-D

    Double for Fielding


    This year the Class B-C & D cars will race all on there own in the Kumho tyres BMW championship so Donington Park was also the start of there own races and these went out to qualify late on Saturday afternoon. The track was now wet again after a heavy deluge when the class A cars were racing so this would make qualifying tricky.A total of 10 cars took to the track comprising of 10 in class B,5 in class C and 4 in class D.Rob Alman (328i) found conditions wet and actually hit a barrier which resulted in the session being briefly halted. After the session had finished it was Mathew Fielding (E36 M3) leading the way in his class B car with Dave Heasman (328i saloon) in his class C car next.Roger Lavender (E36 M3) & Stuart Laws (E36 M3) were next in there class B cars. James Ford (318ti) was 7th fastest overall and the fastest class D car on track. Greg Marking (318is) was 9th overall and 2nd in class D with  Alan Thompson (E36 328i) 10th overall and 2nd fastest in class C.Fieldings time of 1:43.424 was an average speed of 68.88 MPH for the national circuit at Donington which measures 1.97 miles in length.

    Sunday morning saw the cars take to a dry track with the sun now whining for there 1st race of the weekend.This would be a normal standing start and it was Fielding heading the cars off as the race started with Lavender in hot pursuit and Heasman and Robert Salisbury (M3)  close behind.The race settled down and after a couple of laps Robert Williams (E46) found the gravel trap at Mcleans corner and after the rescue crew had trouble removing his car the safety car was deployed which bunched all of the cars back up again. The race got back underway and Fielding and Lavender were having a good clean battle up front.Salisbury was having a good dice with Dave Griffin (E36 M3).Heasman was leading the class C race and was now down in 7th place and his slower class C car couldn’t keep up with the faster class B cars ahead of him on the nice dry fast track.Class D was being led by Marking with Ford right behind him and always looking to overtake.Laws retired after 10 laps due to a broken  wheel. The race ended after 14 laps of the circuit and it was a win for Fielding from Lavender and Salisbury.Class C honours went the way of Heasman with Rob Alman (328i) 2nd in class and Thompson in 3rd.The class D win went to Marking just ahead of Ford with Darren Beckly (E36 318is) in 3rd.

    Fastest laps in class were Class B- lavender.class C- Heasman and class D Marking.

    The cars all then went back to the garages to be checked over and prepared for another race later in the day.  

    The last race of the weekend was the 2nd race for the class B-C and D cars and it was now very dark and steady rain was falling which would also make the race very difficult.The race got underway and it would be a survival for the fittest or the bravest drivers as conditions were now turning treacherous. The safety car came out and when it released the cars again it was Fielding leading the way from Heasman and Salisbury. Lavender and Domenic Sordi ( M3) retired after only 1 lap. With fading light and heavy rain the race carried on and Heasman took over the race lead but this only lasted for a short while as the race was red flagged due to a big collision between Alman & Williams and the race was stopped and not restarted. Unfortunately for Heasman under red flag rules it goes back 1 lap and that would deny Heasman the race win meaning Fielding had made it a win double for him with Salisbury and Griffin taking 2nd & 3rd in class B.Heasman had the consolation of taking the class C win with Thompson 9th overall and 2nd in class and Paul Travers (328i couple ) 3rd in class.Class  D honours went to Ford who was 5th overall ahead of Ben Barnicoat ( 318is E36 coupe ) 10th overall just ahead of Beckly.

    fastest race laps for Fielding in class B.Heasman in class C and Ford in class D.

    Fielding is leading the points standings in class B ahead of Salisbury with Heasman leading class C ahead of Thompson while in class D it is Ford ahead of Marking.

    The next rounds of the championship will take place at Rockingham in early April. 


                                                                     Winner of race 1 Mathew Fielding

                                                                             winner class C race 1 Dave Heasman


                                                                         winner class D race 1 Greg Marking

                                                                            winner race 2 Mathew Fielding

                                                                             winner class C race 2 Dave Heasman

                                                                                  winner class D race 2 James Ford

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