• Rockingham 5-6 April Classes B-C-D

    Rocking at the rock


    Rockingham was the latest circuit to host the BMW kumho tyres 2014 championship.Classes B-C&D had 1 qualifying session on the Saturday followed by 2 races of 20 minutes duration the next day at Rockingham circuit near Corby. The action would  take place on the international sports saloon circuit at the venue which is 1.94 miles long and uses the famous Rockingham banking as well as the infield sections.

    Saturday afternoon saw the cars take to the track for qualifying and  it comprised of 6 class B cars ,4 class C cars, 3 class D cars and 2 invitational cars. The track was dry and no chance of any rain falling either.

    Mathew Fielding (E36 M3) and Roger Lavender (E36 M3) were looking very quick as was Stephen Pearson (M3) in the invitational class. At the end of the 2o minute qualifying it was Fielding leading the way at the top of the order ahead of Lavender with Dave Griffin (E36 M3) 3rd next to Pearson who was the fastest of the invitational cars on track with Karl Catliff (E36 M3) the other 1 down in 7th place. The fastest class C car was that of Dave Heasman (328i saloon)  8th overall with Paul Travers (3281 coupe) next in class in 10th place. The class D honour went to Greg Marking (318 is) who was 11th quickest with James Ford (318 ti) next in 13th place.

    Sunday morning saw the cars line up for there 1st race of the day on a drying track after overnight rain. A good clean race start saw the pack of BMW'S all make it safely into and through the first corner of the track. Fielding was leading ahead of Lavender being chased by Griffin & Pearson. The race settled down and all the cars were also being driven with extreme care as it was a long 20 minute race and also with odd parts of the track damp anything could happen.After a couple of laps Robert Salisbury (M3) took over the 2nd place in the race order and was looking at chasing Fielding down. Pearson was leading the invitational class and Heasman class C.The class D race was between Ford & Marking.

    The race lasted for 13 laps of the circuit and it was Fielding who took the race win ahead of Salisbury & Griffin.Heasman took the class C race win after finishing 7th just ahead of Travers with Alan Thompson (E36 328i)  3rd in class with his 12th place finish. Class D was won by Ford who finished 10th just ahead of Marking with Darren Beckly (E36 318is) 3rd in class and finishing 15th overall.Pearson took the invitational class victory with his 4th place overall with Catliff finishing 6th.All 15 cars that started the race made it to the chequered flag.

    Fastest race laps went to Griffin class B,Heasman class C,Ford class D and Pearson invitational.

    Sunday afternoon saw the cars take to the track for there 2nd race of the weekend and the grid order was the finishing order of race 1 earlier.The track was now fully dry.Another good clean start to the race and it was Fielding leading the way being chased by Salisbuyr,Pearson and Griffin.Fielding officially made a false start and was given a 10 second penalty.  The pace settled down and after 4 laps Catliff retired with a mechanical problem and the next lap Lavender also retired. Pearson was having a mighty tussle with Salisbury and he eventually got the better of him and pulled away.Further down the race order the class D race was being led by Marking with Ford chasing him.Heasman was looking good for another class C race victory as well.This race also lasted 13 laps and it was Fielding taking the chequered flag ahead of Pearson & Salisbury with Griffin taking the 3rd spot in class B due to Pearson running in the invitational class. Class C honours went to Heasman ahead fo Travers with Doug Simmen (E46 compact) 3rd in class.Class D wetn this time to Marking ahead of Ford with Beckly 3rd.

    Fastest race laps went to Fielding class B,Heasman class C.Marking class D and Pearson invitational.

    After 4 rounds of the 2014 it is Fielding leading the way in class B with 60 points ahead of Salisbury with 55 and Griffin with 51.Heasman is leading class C with 46 points ahead of Thompson & Travers who both have 38 points.Class D is being led by Ford with 10 points ahead of Marking with 9 and Beckly on 5.


    winner race 1 Mathew Fielding

    Winner class C race 1 Dave Heasman

    Winner class D race 1 James Ford

    Winner race 1 invitational class Stephen Pearson

    Winner race 2 Mathew Fielding

    Winner race 2 class C dave Heasman

    Winner race 2 class D Greg Marking

    Winner race 2 invitational class Stepeh Pearson