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      Autosport 2017


      Another successful Autosport show finished.... Thank you all who came to visit us, lovely to see you all & chat. 

      Massive thank to the following people who helped as we couldn't of done it without you

      Ian Hill / Hills Motors 
      supplying his car for the stand & also being one of our main sponsors 

      Kumho Tyre UK‚Äč - Our Title sponsor 

      Gareth Montgomery - also supplying his car for the stand & helping set up 

      Rick Kerry - for letting us use his car for the stand 

      Jason Holyhead - bringing Rick's car & again helping set up

      Jeff Nixon - Our Chief scrutineer helping man the stand & helping with the questions from drivers

      James & Lynda Ford - helping man the stand & taking it down after

      Paul, Nicki & Maddie Hammerton - helping man the stand especially Maddie giving out handouts, keeping the stand clean  & polishing the cars

      Carl Ford - setting up & take down of the stand & manning it for 4 days

      It wouldn't of be a success if it wasn't for you. 

      With the registrations received our 30th season looks to be very exciting & I can't wait 

      Thank you all again

      Club President



      Motorsport Days



      Paddock 42

      Article in Paddock 42









                            New Sponsors

      We would like to 'Welcome on board' our 2 new sponsors

      Prepnlay          www.prepnlay.co.uk



      Eozone        www.eozone.com

      Many thanks for your support


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