• BMWRDC History 

      Celebrating 30 years in 2017

      We are the most successful Championship for a variety of BMW cars within the UK and has proved to be popular with a large number of competitors, and has helped driver's progress in their racing careers. 

      • Liz Halliday, BMW Racing Drivers Club ‘Driver of the Season 2002’– Driving in the American Le Mans & also driven in 24 hrs Le Mans, has also commentator for Euro Sport Le Mans 24hrs
      • Martyn Bell, BMW Racing Drivers Club ‘Champion 2003 & 2004’ – Driven in the BTCC 2006 - 2009
      • Rick Kerry, BMW Racing Drivers Club ‘Champion 2005 & 2006’ – Driven in the BTCC 2007
      • Tom Wrigley, BMW Racing Drivers Club ‘Overall Champion 2014’ – Ginetta GT4 Supercup Champion 2016

      The BMW Car Club Championship was started in March 1987 by husband & wife team, John & Linda McVicker. The Championship was an essentially amateur club series, for the BMW owners who wanted to race their BMW’s at all the national circuits in the UK. The championship was opened to all types of BMW from 2002’s to CSL’s, Bat mobiles, new models & the older model. The first race meeting was on a cold & overcast Saturday at Silverstone where it was a full grid & the racing was fast & furious.

      The Championship continued under the BMW Car Club banner until late 1999, where the championship was re-named to the BMW Racing Drivers Club. The championship became the ‘Drivers Club’ where the all the drivers had in how their club/championship was run, & it is still like this to this day!

      The championship has proven to be an attractive proposition for those wanting to race rear wheel drive cars on a limited budget. The series is established as the fastest road tyred championship in the country, but it is not necessary to use the latest models, or to run at the front to be competitive. 

      The BARC's Kumho BMW Championship is open to any production BMW sold in the UK. It provides close competition in seven classes split by a power to weight ratio. The aim of the championship is to provide a closely competitive series for drivers, having a low cost entry class where cars can be competitive running standard engines, and a ladder of increasing cost and performance accommodating the latest vehicles. In 2016, 35 contenders scored points in the championship with the race victories shared between 8 drivers across the seven classes.

      In 1997, Kumho Tyres became the club’s title sponsor and has carry on supporting the championship since then. This season will be their 20th season of supporting the championship.

      Street legal control tyres are supplied by KUMHO, and with only one compound and pattern available, costs are kept to a minimum.  Power is measured using the 2017 Kumho BMW Championship Power Loggers / Accelerator Monitors. This unit measures during the qualification and races the applied power at the wheels. The car weight includes the driver, thus allowing elderly, portly gentlemen to be competitive with stick-like youths. With each cars minimum weights and chassis lightening prohibited, the cars are strong, reliable and cost effective to run.

      Uniquely, the championship has its own driving standards policed by the competitors' own BMW Racing Drivers Club, membership of which is a requirement of entry. This is in an attempt to eliminate the damage caused by modern tactics of blocking, weaving and tapping (or as it used to be known, driving into one another). Do not however think that this makes for a gentle series. Racing is getting ever closer as drivers become confident that these undesirable tactics are removed from the sport, allowing competitors to trust one another to not take out the opposition.

      Help and advice are freely available to anyone considering joining the series. The competitors are generally a lively mix of privateers, although a more costly, professional approach is taken by the well heeled. The series scrutineer attends every race meeting to ensure all cars comply with the regulations.

      An essentially amateur club series, the BARC's KUMHO BMW is an extremely cost-effective thirteen-race championship. While motor racing can never be described as cheap, racing in the BMW series can cost far less than attending a season of track days. It offers close, competitive racing, excellent grids and a great image. Why not try it yourself?

      Championship points are scored as follows:


      In Class with four or more competitiors

      • 1st; 20 points
      • 2nd; 18 points
      • 3rd; 16 points
      • 4th; 15 points
      • 5th; 14 points
      • 6th; 13 points
      • 7th; 12 points
      • 8th; 11 points
      • 9th; 10 points
      • 10th; 9 points
      • 11th; 8 points
      • 12th; 7 points
      • 13; 6 points
      • All other finishers, 5 points.
      • Non-finishers, 3 point

      In Class with three or more competitors

      • 1st; 12 points
      • 2nd; 10 points
      • 3rd; 9 points
      •  The totals from all qualifying Events run will determine final Championship points and positions. Two drop race will be your best 14 races out of 16 races will count towards the final championship points. This will mean that a drivers lowest point finish of the season will be dropped. 



      Class A1:     

      Up to 285 bhp per tonne (Slicks & Wets Tyres to be used) no minimum weight

      Class A2:     

      Up to 245 bhp per tonne (Slicks & Wets Tyres to be used) no minimum weight

      Class A3:     

      Up to 220 bhp per tonne (Treaded Tyres & Wets Tyres to be used) no minimum weight

      Class B1:

      Up to 210 bhp per tonne. Maxium 3.0L capacity engines. (Slicks & Wets Tyres to be used) no minimum weight       

      Class B2:

      Up to 210 bhp per tonne. Maximum 3. (Treaded Tyres & Wets Tyres to be used) no minimum weight

      Class C:

      Up to 190 bhp per tonne. Up to 3.ltr capacity engines only in Class C including E46 330i, No M3 cars, All cars to use standard Air Box (Treaded Tyres & Wets Tyres to be used) no minimum weight

      Class CC:

      Up to 220 bhp per tonne. E46 Compacts 325, Minimum weight 1250kg, no MOT required and steering lock removed (Treaded Tyres & Wets Tyres to be used)

      Class D:

      Up to 145 bhp per tonne. Up to 2 ltr E30s, Z3 E36s, no minimum weight

       (Treaded Tyres & Wets Tyres to be used)

      Class E:

      Up to 145 bhp per tonne. Standard BMW Minis (Treaded Tyres & Wets Tyres to be used) no minimum weight

      Class Inv:                                           Invitation class – Any BMW model at the discretion of the BMW RDC (all cars must use Kumho Tyres max. 245/35/18”)